Writing Buzz

I woke early this morning, sure I had heard my doorbell.

Of course, it wasn’t.

But, since I was up, I decided I might as well finish off a bit of work that was looming over me, tapping me on the shoulder at inconvenient times and whispering “what about me? You know I’m due soon, right?”

So I wrote it.

Then I did a bit more.

And now I’m happy.

All before my first cup of coffee.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Buzz

  1. Sydney

    Your day is much more productive so far than mine. Before my first cup of coffee (while at work) my son’s daycare called to inform me he had thrown up twice in the 10 minutes after my husband dropped him off. JOY! Poor boy. I left work, picked him up, and he was just a wet noodle. No fever, thank goodness. So we’re just hanging out at home today.

  2. jwordsmith

    Aw! Poor thing (both of you)

    Of course, the first day I arranged a business call after Youngest went to preschool, didn’t they call and say the same thing, DURING my business call?

    Never did get that client back…

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