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StoryADay May

Since 2010, Julie has been running this extreme writing challenge for short story writers. Thousands of writers have taken part in the challenge, many going on to publish their first stories in professional magazines. Others have produced short story collections, novels, and other writing challenges and communities, inspired by their experiences during StoryADay. One of Julie’s first StoryADay stories was published in a print anthology in 2013.

To support writers on their journey, Julie has produced a number of StoryADay branded courses, workshops, talks and ebooks made available through the StoryADay Creativity Lab.

To find out more about StoryADay May, and other events, sign up StoryADay News.

The 21st Century Publishing Update

Julie’s first website for authors (2000-2004) was one of Writer’s Digests 101 Best Sites for Writers in 2002, 2003. It produced a regular email newsletter that helped self-publishing authors find the best ways to self-publish, understand the changing book-selling industry and market their books.

In 2001 Julie published an ebook, The 21st Century Publishing Handbook, in partnership with

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Speaking Appearances



A Month Of Writing Prompts, 2015 Edition

Writing a story a day for a month is a crazy endeavour, but one that hundreds of writers have signed up for every May since 2010. During month of courageous creativity, writers learn how to write every day (not ‘someday’), how to craft a story, how to write in different forms, how to fail and dust themselves off, and write again.

Are you ready to join them?

The StoryADay Month of Writing Prompts book shares the daily writing prompts for StoryADay May 2014: 31 writing prompts, meditations, lessons and pep talks to accompany on your journey to becoming a more prolific, creative and fulfilled writer.
Use these prompts during the StoryADay challenge, or any time you need a creativity boost.

Praise for the 2015 edition
5.0 out of 5 stars Kickstart Your Writing
By Sarah on July 19, 2015

This is a terrific little gem for writers whether you’re just starting out or well seasoned. The prompts are fun, but more important, they offer you a chance to look at a situation from another angle. And Julie Duffy is a wonderful guide.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Writing Experiment
By Martin Haworth on June 12, 2015

I had such a lot of fun with this. I suggest that anyone who has the slightest inkling of a capacity to write anything, should take this for a month and see what happens. It won’t hurt at all and you will enjoy the challenge immensely.

A Month Of Writing Prompts, 2014 Edition

Praise for The StoryADay Month Of Writing Prompts 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars a great asset
By Kim Samsin

… Julie has created these prompts and the supporting materials with the belief that everyone can write and that practice helps the process….she has created a guide that ushers writers of all skill and inspiration levels through the basics of story crafting. Guide To Breaking Writers' Block cover

The Guide To Breaking Writers’ Block

Writer’s block can come out of nowhere. It can be temporary and related to one project, or it can be chronic, stopping you from writing anything creative. It is always painfully frustrating.
Julie Duffy, host of, the month-long short story writing challenge, takes you through more than 60 techniques for breaking writer’s block that have helped StoryADay participants become insanely productive writers.
Conversational and light-hearted, this powerful guide may just become your favorite new writer’s handbook. $2.99

Praise for Breaking Writers’ Block:

Breaking Writers’ Block is just what I needed to finish my book., March 8, 2013
I would recommend this guide to anybody who is a beginner/intermediate writer. It arrived just in time for me.
Great breakthrough guide!, August 26, 2012
ByMary (Iowa)
I love Love LOVE this book. I read it once and then read it again. I love the suggestions. …There are so many wonderful options. I kept highlighting favorites as I read.
Truly – this is a wonderful tool. One that I am glad that I have to reach for when the road blocks get in the way.

The StoryADay Guide To Becoming A Better Writer

The Guide To Becoming A Better Writer

You know that little voice in your head that says, “Your writing just isn’t good enough”? It’s probably right.
But that’s OK, because there is always something you can be doing to make your writing better (and that’s as true for Junot Diaz as it is for you and me).
This guide to becoming a better writer is packed with tips, techniques and exercises you can use to improve your writing even when you’re away from your desk.
With StoryADay’s trademark brand of inspiration, practical help, and humor, this is your go-to guide for whenever your writing life needs a boost. $2.99

Praise for Becoming A Better Writer:

5.0 out of 5 stars Julie Duffy for the win! August 13, 2013
By ray
I just love Julie Duffy’s Story a Day contest, and Iove her guide just as much. A must have for any aspiring writer, I’d recommend this book highly. :)


Writing & Releasing Short Story eBook Collections

Writing & Releasing Short Story eBook Collections

One of the greatest gifts of writing is connecting with other people; entertaining readers. And there’s no faster way to connect with readers than by putting together collections of short stories and releasing them to the thousands of e-fiction fans gathering at Amazon and Smashwords, among other online retailers. Use this simple system to write your own themed anthologies and release them quickly, building your own back-catalogue and growing your own fan base. Contains my timelines; which services and software I use; how to create your own cover; my best practices for maintaining contact with with readers; marketing advice. $5 More Info…

In The Shadow of Glory

In The Shadow of Glory

He was fighting to keep the young United States from tearing itself apart. And for the first time in his life he had found his place in life: at the side of his new wife, Anne.
Torn between his love and his duty, will Robert find the courage to follow his heart?

Christmas Ornaments – Four Sparkling Seasonal Stories

Grab a warm drink, put your feet up for a few minutes and treat yourself to four sparkling, seasonal short stories that are bound to help you recapture some of the fun of the season.

Spend some time with the IPO billionaire trying to make up for a poor childhood and a nurse who longs to make one of her patient’s Christmas wish come true even if she can’t do it for her own son. Perhaps you’ll giggle along with the tale of the old man who keeps being thwarted in his efforts to have a relaxing Christmas afternoon, or hold your breath as a young girl prepares for her role in the school Nativity play.

Each story contains some of the magic of Christmas, with humor and just enough sentiment to get you well and truly in the holiday mood. $2.99
Praise for Christmas Ornaments:

5.0 out of 5 starsI loved these stories December 4, 2013
By V. Miller
I really loved these stories. Julie Duffy’s takes on the holiday season — from toy shopping in Manhattan to that all-important school Nativity play — is the much-needed break from your own Christmas chaos. This Christmas-themed story collection is the perfect stocking stuffer.

21st Century Publishing Handbook

The 21st Century Publishing Handbook (2001)

Praise for 21st Century Publishing Update
…balanced information about POD is rare online (which is why I linked to your excellent series of articles)…
– Victoria Strauss, Editor, Writer Beware, Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America

If anyone knows her stuff about self-publishing, it is you – a genuine pioneer in the genre.
– Sidney Allinson, Print On-Demand author, Jeremy KaneKrueger’s Gold

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your articles about print-on-demand publishing! They are concise, complete, unbiased and easy to understand.
– Pat Browning, Hanford, California

What A Terrific Discovery! I discovered you a few days ago … visited your site, subscribed to your letter, and have been completely delighted ever since. I just wanted you to know that your observations and analyses are right on target, as I see it, and I intend to rely on you for input and stimulation henceforth as I bravely push forward into the wonderful world of Internet publishing.
– Paul McNeese, Optimum Performance Associates

I appreciated your direct approach and candidness when speaking about this relatively new industry.

Julie has made a commitment to informing writers of their options and answering questions regarding the many obstacles we face when launching our own works. Her endeavors have created a website that is not only user friendly, but an important tool every writer should often refer to…
…There is much more to explore in her pages, including a section entitled, RECENT AUTHORS’ QUESTIONS where she responds with candid and insightful encouragement.

I’ve just gone through your POD articles and have found them very useful.
– Dorice Nelson, author, The Gunns of Killearnan

Thanks for the education on PODs.
Dave Kaiser, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

What a well written piece in such understandable language.
– Hance Persad, Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean


Other Gigs

Genre Fiction Judge Writer’s Digest Self-Published Fiction Contest 2002

Publishing Associate, Director of Author Services and Director of Special Projects at Xlibris, (1998-2001), the first company to offer print on-demand book publishing along with electronic distribution, directly to authors. Xlibris received a multi-million dollar investment from Random House in 2000.

Business writer – Clients include: Phoenix Karate, Attolon Partners LLC, Xlibris Corp., Ambrosia Catering, Sports Extra Inc., Net-Thing, Orange Cat Hair Salon (2000-2011)