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Keynote Talks

Unleashing Your Creativity – How To Build A Creative Lifestyle That Leaves You Fulfilled, Energized, and More Fun To Be Around.

Dodging Zombies: How To Thrive In The Post-Apocalyptic World Of Publishing (or: Self-Publishing: Is It Right For You?)

A Month Of Extremes – How To Prepare for A Creative Challenge (StoryADay, NaNoWriMo, etc.)




I.  StoryADay Live! Draft In A Day– A fun, illustrated presentation about short story structure, followed by a timed writing exercise. Everyone leaves with a new short story draft! (Ideally 90 mins)

II. StoryADay Live! Hook Your Readers With Conflict– an interactive workshop where writers work on 3 (and a half) writing exercises to practice writing stories bristling with Inner Conflict, Outer Conflict and a combination of the two. Your group members leave KNOWING they can write, even in short periods of time, and that they can hook readers in each and every scene.

III. StoryADay Live! Un-Dreadful Dialogue – in this interactive workshop your writers get to play with some terrible dialogue and, along the way, learn how to make their own dialogue fit their story’s genre, tone and setting.

What people are saying about StoryADay Live! Draft In A Day

“Julie was an amazing and engaging presenter. She both educated and challenged people during the writing session with fantastic results!”
-Gary Zenker, Founder, Main Line Writers’ Group, PA

“Thank you Julie Duffy for the fun workshop this evening. I am inspired by how little time it takes (30 minutes) to begin the creative process.”
-Bob Sybesma

“So much fun”
-Elizabeth Stolar

“Julie gave a great presentation. Very enjoyable and definitely stirred the creative juices.”
-Susanna Reilly

“Another great meeting! Fun and informative.”
-Suzanne Warfield

“Awesome night! Very informative.”

“Thanks for the fun last evening!”
-Joyce Cole

“Really interesting and fun meeting with a great presentation by Julie Duffy on the art of short stories.”
-Sarah Cain

What People Are Saying About StoryADay Live! Hook Your Readers With Conflict

“Julie’s presentation was a perfect mixture of information, exercise practice, and discussion. Her explanation of conflict was easy to understand and the examples out of the box and not your standard “explosions/people fighting etc” that many people might think of when discussing conflict. Listening to other writers and what they wrote for the exercises was also a lot of fun.”

” Julie kept the presentation interesting and thought-provoking.
-Greg Wright

“Julie’s focus on conflict was really useful, and on top of that, she had some great insights into the current dynamics of the publishing industry. It was a very worthwhile evening.”
-Peter Muller

“An interesting meeting. The speaker was knowledgeable and positive.”

“Great session on the craft.”
-Dan Levin

“Great way to flex the writing muscles. Interactive writing exercise session. Julie Duffy did a great job leading. She is a good instructor and very engaging and supportive.”
-Mike Clake

“Excellent interactive writing session with Julie Duffy. A much needed jump start to my novel, which has been napping lately. Loved the prompts and enjoyed hearing others read what they came up with. Lots of talent in our group. Hope Julie comes back again.”
-Ellie V. Searle

What People Are Saying About StoryADay Live! Un-Dreadful Dialogue

Julie is funny and a joy to listen to! It was great breaking down into small groups to work on dialogue. It was especially helpful to see how 4 people could take the assignment in four very different directions.
Another great meeting – Julie Duffy’s workshop was outstanding, useful and fun at the same time.
-Walter Lawn

Just as I had expected another one of Julie Duffy’s expertly prepared presentations. When it comes to all aspects of writing, the lady certainly knows what she is talking about.
-Gary Buehler, Sr.

Excellent meeting. Julie’s presentation was terrific.
-Vince Dowdle

Thank you Julie. This was a fantastic meeting!
-June Munson

What an informative presentation. Thanks Julie
-Nikki Keach

We have been lucky enough to have Julie lead the group on several sessions of writing. This one was one of my personal favorites: Dialog. She got everyone involved and writing. She is a great session leader. And the things people wrote on the spot….such a talented group!
-Gary Zenker (Organizer)

Julie does an excellent job of exploring issues of craft. She organized the workshop on the 6 traps of dialogue-writing as explanation, example, exercise — let us active employ what she was discussing. So useful!
-Greta Ham

Julie, it was a pleasure sharing in your writing exercises. Good dialog is so vital, and you’ve helped raise my awareness of what makes it so. Thank you.
-bob sybesma

Julie’s talk on dialogue was very informative and idea generating. I appreciate her generous gift of time and effort she gives to the group and subject matter.
-Christopher Alden

Julie did a fabulous job with her presentation. I’m looking forward to Story a Day May!
-Susanna Reilly

As usual Julie put on great program from which I learned a lot.
-Douglas Smith

I’m glad I attended this meeting. Julie Duffy’s dialogue presentation tonight was interesting and informational. It was concise, easy to understand and the practice dialogues were very helpful.
-Maria Haag

What an amazing workshop this evening! Julie knows so much about the craft of writing, and presents it expertly. I’m so looking forward to in May! Thank you!

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If you’d like me to speak to your group, please include details about the group, event and potential dates. Thanks!

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