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Writing Buzz

I woke early this morning, sure I had heard my doorbell.

Of course, it wasn’t.

But, since I was up, I decided I might as well finish off a bit of work that was looming over me, tapping me on the shoulder at inconvenient times and whispering “what about me? You know I’m due soon, right?”

So I wrote it.

Then I did a bit more.

And now I’m happy.

All before my first cup of coffee.

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Sweater RSI

OK, so all that 4×2 ribbing left me with a little RSI, so I’ve had to slow down the progress on the Manly Durrow a little.

However, I have made it to through the first repeat on the sleeves. (This picture taken a few days ago:)

Sweater Sleeve

There are some crazy cable instructions on there, but I finally figured out how to do it (I think). It’s the kind of thing where it is definitely better to follow the designers instructions than to wonder why, or if you can’t substitute your favourite increase or decrease.

Following her instructions creates a particular look and corners that I wouldn’t have believed possible.

I guess I haven’t done as much tricky knitting as I thought I had. I really like it. I think I need to investigate some Cat Bordhi…