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Hand Shoe

Hand Shoes

Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks Stripes Colour: 55614. Needles: 5xbamboo Takumi dpns 3.25mm

This started out as a sock, but I made a mistake with the heel and put it aside for a few days. That sock had been conceived as my auto-pilot, thinking -about-other-things project, and I was mightily annoyed at it for demanding more attention that I was prepared to give it (especially as it was my second attempt, my first one having been too small. I really need to use patterns more!). It was in danger of being left on the naughty step for ever.

Then G’s other mittens’ cuffs got all stretched out after an outing in the snow, and I decided, hey, the snoozing sock could easily become a mitten. So it has.

[This bit serves as pattern notes to myself, so that I can make the second one the same size — something I’m incredibly skilled at not doing!]

Turns out I cast on 45 stitches, not 44, so I did a 2×1 rib for 20 rows.rounds then switched to stocking stitch for another 20.
Then, just for fun, I started adding 2 purl stitches at the start and middle of the round. Did that for six rows, then continued it while I decreased every other row to 12 (13 stitches) then grafted the top.

Picked up 8 stitches on either side of the 8th row to knit an afterthought thumb and will unpick when finished.Hand Shoes
Thumb is on the edge, so the mittens will be ambidextrous.

[end pattern notes to myself]

It’s turning out nicely. Hope it fits him. Maybe I’ll finish up the thumb and try it on him when he comes home from school instead of  starting the second one immediately then cursing my ‘bad luck’ when neither fits him.

(Hooray! She can be taught!)

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

-Seneca (5 BC-65AD)

Sock Wars Mobilization

Ooo, Ooo, I got my package from KnitPicks today: Bare DK for dyeing and two sets of their new Options interchangeable circular needles.

I hadn’t noticed in the pictures that the cables and accessories are a fabulous purple colour. I was predisposed to love them before I ever tried them. I haven’t knitted with them yet, but I did assemble them. Impressively smooth join and a cable that doesn’t want to be in a tight loop for the rest of its life? I think the Knit Picks folks were being honest when they said they were made by knitters for knitters (which I’m sure they probably did, somewhere).

I am dying to carve out some time to wind the luscious yarn into balls, then knit a guage swatch, then frog it and measure it and figure out how best to dye it.

Maybe I should be cleaning the kitchen instead of blogging, in that case.