Sock Wars Mobilization

Ooo, Ooo, I got my package from KnitPicks today: Bare DK for dyeing and two sets of their new Options interchangeable circular needles.

I hadn’t noticed in the pictures that the cables and accessories are a fabulous purple colour. I was predisposed to love them before I ever tried them. I haven’t knitted with them yet, but I did assemble them. Impressively smooth join and a cable that doesn’t want to be in a tight loop for the rest of its life? I think the Knit Picks folks were being honest when they said they were made by knitters for knitters (which I’m sure they probably did, somewhere).

I am dying to carve out some time to wind the luscious yarn into balls, then knit a guage swatch, then frog it and measure it and figure out how best to dye it.

Maybe I should be cleaning the kitchen instead of blogging, in that case.