Autumn Princess Cowl

Autumn Princess Cowl

I am really loving working on this. It is my first successful (to this point in a project) laceweight project. The pattern and the beading are just complex enough to keep me entertained but not so complex that I need to pay really close attention.

Every fourth row is a pattern row and every fourth row after that slips a bead on during one of the repeats. Apart from that, it’s knit, knit, knit, do-the-toddler’s-bidding, knit, knit, cook food, knit, pull-big-brother-off-toddler, etc, etc.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Princess Cowl

  1. jknitsmith


    I’m really keen to see how it looks when blocked.

    The yarn is holding up nicely, even though it’s not mohair.

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