"Vestes" Chugging Along

My Estes Vest (aka “Vestes) is coming along nicely.


Actually, I have more done, up to the first increase after the waist.

As with all cable projects (and lace), the first couple of times through the pattern repeats have me cursing and unpicking and wondering what the h*ll the designer was thinking. Then, once I see it unspooling beneath my needles, I get all comfortable and jolly and mentally pat the designer on the back.

It’s coming along much more smoothly now that I have added a couple of row counters and an index card and pencil to my arsenal. ‘I’m _just_ knitting’, eh? Ha!

I need to keep the momentum up though. The temptation is strong to congratulate myself on how well I’m doing and slow down.

I must keep reminding myself how painfully short (and fast approaching) is Spring in these here parts.