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Star Trek Movie Trailer Worries

See, this first trailer is Good. It ties Star Trek to the most exciting era of space travel that we had in (real) history AND it throws a bone to the rabid Trek fans (among whom I count myself, even if it is a sort of quiet rabidity) with the voice over at the end.

It’s clever. Star Trek is a part of our history, even if it wasn’t true. It FEELS almost as true, to people who weren’t there but have grown up watching all these things on the TV together. JFK? Got him. Moon landings? Yup. Final frontier. Sure!

The ship is under construction, the movie’s under construction…I’m not saying it’s ‘genius’ but it is well thought out. And I got a bit excited.

Aaaand then there’s this. Generic action movie trailer complete with gravity-defying Earth-based slow-mo stunts and angst.

Then Kirk high-fives Spock and says, I kid you not,

“Buckle Up.”

Is that meant as an ironic joke, given the fact that we were always amazed no-one installed seatbelts on the Enterprise, based on how often they fell out of their chairs? Or am I giving the new production team too much credit?

I’m just glad they cut away before Spock says, “Woah!”

The last Star Trek movie was such a disappointment to me that I have no faith this one will rise above the second trailer’s ‘promise’ and appeal to me at all.

I’ll probably still go and see it though. Baaaa.