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Happily Hitched

It’s wedding season here in the US. Anyone who has ever listened to 1930s & 40s popular song knows that ‘moon’ and ‘June’ are synonymous with love — and it’s not just because they rhyme. In most of the States the weather is unbearably hot any time between June and October, so most weddings, with all the formal dress, are planned for the months between last-snow-date and the end of June.

After years in the wedding wilderness, we finally got invited to a wedding recently, and it’s got me all gushy and sentimental, as weddings are supposed to do. Ever wonder why you have to stand in front of your community and make those vows? I think it’s less to do with the couple getting married, and more to do with making the bitter old wives and tired old men spend an evening looking back and getting misty-eyed about when they were as young and blissfully ignorant as the impossibly young couple that’s getting married today.

It worked for me.

I’m thinking about compiling an article of Things To Know When Courting.

Something Kev said, which my mother should be very happy about, was that guy should always look at the mother. This, he reasoned, was a glimpse into the future, and well worth doing if you were contemplating getting yourself hitched to the daughter. I think my mother should take it as a compliment that he came away from his first meeting with her, thinking that he was onto a good thing with me.

I think potential brides should also pay attention to the father of their beloved. Fight it as they might, there is a strong tendancy in the men I know best, to turn into a version of their own father. But the best reason to pay attention to your love’s parents is that, no matter how distant they may seem while you’re dating, if you ever accientally combine zygotes and get them a grandchild, they’re going to be part of your life until one of you dies. It’s best if you can forge a working relationship with them early on.

What insights do you old married couples out there have, for the foolish kids embarking on the journey this year?