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Perfect Day

My boys rolled out of bed on the right side this morning, cheerful and compliant and ready to go before it was even close to time to start screaming at them that they were late.

K was cheery and well-rested — shades of the dreaded morning-whistling-K I remember from our early years together (shudder).

I, instead of faffing about, showered and dressed and set out for my writing garret before the clock struck 9.

When I stepped out the front door, the sky was a lovely dull gray, the light not too bright for my weak blue eyes, not so dark as to be ominous. The temperature was hovering somewhere around a cool 52 F and, oh joy of joys, it was spitting. Not a miserable kind of drizzle that soaks you without even trying, but a sort of cheerful plinky rain that a light jacket can ward off and that serves mostly to keep you cool on your walk and to make the fallen oak leaves smell amazing.

My town is dull and cool and full of the smells of autumn. I stomped along the street with a big stupid grin on my face and arrived at my garret pink-of-cheek and crazy-of-fringe.
I really never should have left Scotland.


I just saw a hummingbird, for the first time in my life.

I was standing on the deck, about to come inside, when what seemed like two butterflies or a really big dragonfly flitted past me and paused at one of my flower boxes.

When my eyes had focussed I realised that this was a hummingbird.

It truly was tiny. Huge for a dragonfly but tiny for a bird.

Dark greens and blues shimmered as it drank from my petunias and tried to find an open flower on the hibiscus and made a pass at the artificial flowers wrapped around my trellis. I suspect is had discovered the hibiscus a few days ago and came back for that. I’ve never had a hibiscus before and it’s classic hummingbird bait. It dipped int the new begonias I had just put out, and then zipped off.

I was standing there the whole time, feet from the thing, mouth hanging open, grinning like the proverbial idiot, and thinking “Hummingbird! Wow!”

I see hummingbird feeders in the garden centers all the time, but I don’t think I ever believed we really had hummingbirds in this area. How can I have lived here for 13 years and never seen a hummingbird before if they really live here?

I feel like I just walked out my front door and saw a unicorn trot past.