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I’ve been a hive of activity recently (can one person be a ‘hive’. I don’t think so. Forget that. I’ve been busy) finishing up projects. And starting them in some cases.

And now I’m at a loss. I have no major project on the go and just a stuck sock (can’t remember what needle size I used for the first one) even languishing. I know. I’m an unusual knitter, but I’ve been going through a case of Must-Finish-It recently, prompted, I think, by my lack of ability to finish other things in my life.

So what do I do? I’m thinking about starting a sweater, because I’ve had one sweater or other on the go for about three years now, and whenever I needed something big to work on, there it was. But I’m not very good at getting the sizes right. And I’m fairly picking in what I’ll wear. So I’m thinking of inflicting one either on my husband or my sister (who got a sweater that was, in my opinion, a bit substandard, a year or so ago).

But which one? Cables for her, and standard-manly for him. But I’m still searching for the perfect pattern and gasping at the cost of the yarns they use in magazines. Gadzooks, who do they think their readers are? I don’t mind paying a bit, but $130 for yarn? Er…

So in the meantime I’m dying. No, wait, I’m dye-ing. (that’s better).

I’m trying to do self-striping sock yarn for the man, who bought me the Knitpicks Jacquard acid dyes for Christmas (yay, him).

I think I did my skein in a more complicated way than necessary (esp if I had gone online and Googled BEFORE I wound it) but we’ll see what happens.

So, in the Finished Objects File, I now have

The Pilot Cap

A Smaller Pilot Hat

Pilot Mittens (busked, to match)

My Ice Queen (Autumn Princess) Beaded Cowl

A Sideways Scarf, made from a ridiculously expensive skein of luxury fibers, bought on holiday

and the aforementioned Opal Socks.