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Tool Time

I like my neighbour, but last night I was sorely tempted to sneak into his shed and pour sugar in the engine of his leaf blower.

It’s not just that he has a leaf blower that he uses as the sun sinks down and the day should be at its most peaceful. It’s that he has a leaf blower that comes complete with extra decibels and an intensely annoying high whine that drills into your head from its vantage point high above the bag-pipe drone of the lower engine note.

I don’t know where Dave managed to find it, but there’s a medieval Scotsman somewhere who wishes he could charge into battle with this thing strapped to his arm.


Fall is falling away. I feel it was sudden and brief this year. Maybe it’s because I don’t have our pear tree holding out into mid-December. Some of the trees, particularly the maples, are still putting on a good show, but the birches are bare and so are many of the yellow-leaved trees the names of which I do not know.

The time changed on Saturday night and everyone is predictably jet-lagged.

Dark by 5.30 pm is not a happy thing. Light at 6 am doesn’t do much for me either. I wish they wouldn’t do that.

When I run the world…