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The Cyber Sweater

Here, as promised, pictures of the Cyber Sweater.

CyberGreg I

It turns out that I’m not as good at measuring, adjusting for size, or finishing off, as I hoped I was. But it’s wearable and cute and that’s all that matters when you slap it on an almost-two-year-old (if I’d taken out the binkie, washed his face and combed his hair I could have said “an adorable almost-two-year-old”, but…)

CyberGreg II

The Specs:

Knitted from Wool-Ease in black and grey on size 8s.
The bottom and sleeve cuffs are turned up like the bottom of these pants (which I will also finish one day).
Collar is garter stitch, and I put some buttons down the back to allow for the huge-headedness of children (this one in particular).
The Generic-Cybernetic-Lifeform is done in Berroco FX (silver/black) in duplicate stitch, because I had knitted the body so many times that I couldn’t face doing the intarsia again and then discovering that it STILL didn’t fit. It was my first attempt at duplicate stitch and, naturally, I didn’t consult any books or anything, so just don’t ask to see the back (at least for the first few rows).

It could do with being longer in the body and shorter in the arms, and I really should have picked up fewer stitches for the collar, but it was made with love. And I figure I’ll be a lot better at this stuff by the time the boys are old enough to care (or have friends who laugh at them).


I’m very excited. I have finished G’s Cyberman Sweater. The pattern was helped along by the Stitches software (because I knitted a whole sweater for a pinhead and had to rip it out). The sleeves are way too long somehow, but I figure at this point we can roll them up.

Pictures and details tomorrow. (Guess what G will be wearing?)

Cyberman Continues

Ok, this is a sweater for an 18-month-old (mine) boy and features the Cyberman picture I created (below).

I did the front quite quickly. I’m kind of busking the measurements on the raglan sleeves and neckline, but I’m trying to remember to write down what I’ve done.

The back went really well. I worked the sleeve decreases and the back of the neck, cast off for the shoulders and then, yes THEN, I remembered about the size of toddler’s heads in relation to the rest of their bodies….

Actually I had remembered about it before I cast on, and intended to build in a button-up opening in the back, but I had knitted the back while doing something else and completely forgotten all my good intentions.

So I ripped back a few rows and tried again.

When I had finished the opening and cast off again I realised that it was still woefully too small and I was going to have to go back almost all the way to where I started the armhole decreases.

It’s a good thing it’s a small sweater and knitted in worsted.

But we’re back on track now. I’m knitting up one side of the back with a built-in button band. I still have no idea if it’ll really fit him, but I’m having fun.

The body is in black, the Cyberman is in Berroco Metallix FX silver/black and the sleeves will be in a grey that sort of matches (not quite) the silver. The collar will be, hmm, whatever I feel like when I get there. Probably black, given that it is to be worn by a small boy with a slovenly mother who forgets about bibs until it’s too late.

Cyberman Knit

Cyberman Knit
Originally uploaded by jwordsmith.

For those non-Brits out there, this is one of the arch-baddies from Dr Wh, a recently-revived series from the BBC.

I started out to see if I could design a decent Jack Sparrow pirate but suddenly realised the face shape would lend itself very nicely to a the Cyberman.

I have an urge to design lots of cool boy clothes, since most knitting books (and clothes shops) are full of girl:boy clothes in the ratio 4:1 or thereabouts. And the boy stuff mostly consists of sporty-themed clothes or machine-themed clothes. My boys DO like their monster trucks but I want something a little different.

The Cyberman is part one of my plan.

I now have Berroco Metallic FX and Berroco Bling coming from Webs to see what I can do with that (for those not in the know, a Cyberman should be silver).