Lorna's Laces Super Sock – Flame

I came home on a wet and dreary end-of-fall day to find a little package of loveliness waiting for me.

Lorna's Laces Super Sock - Flame

It’s one of those moments when I want to drop everything (including two incredibly cute boys) and cast on. Then I remembered that once I had wound the Black Watch version of this I was vaguely disappointed, because I had enjoyed looking at the hank so much. So I’m leaving these ones on display for a while.

But I also really enjoy wearing my Black Watch socks, so I now have an incentive to finish the little boy socks I’m working on now.

And yes, I have found )now that I’ve discovered them) that I do need to have a sock on the go, for those times when I can snatch a minute or two of knitting-as-therapy (it slows my breathing and untangles my shoulder muscles) but can’t do more than a very simple stitch. Cables and sweater-decreases are projects for a comfy armchair and a well-worn episode of Star Trek. Socks are for tossing into a bag, clipping to my belt-loops and working on while I trail around the garden and house after two sometimes-friendly-sometimes-fratricidal little boys.

Lorna's Laces Flame

3 thoughts on “Lorna's Laces Super Sock – Flame

  1. Jo

    I was without a pair of socks on the go for a while and really missed them. Now I’ve got a pair up and hopping again and it’s really relaxing. There are ‘leventy-seven other projects, of course, but you can take socks anywhere, can’t you? Do people stare where you are, or are they more enlightened than here?
    Celtic Memory Yarns

  2. jdknits

    I don’t know if people stare because I don’t get out that much and I think my neighbours are used to me!

    I THINK there’s a general heightened level of awareness that knitting is no longer just for little old ladies here. I tend to get a lot of people telling me they wish they could knit. Which probably wouldn’t be the case in my native Scotland, where people would probably just roll their eyes as memories of yarn-torture-when-young flood back.

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