Great Blogs

I LOVE this blog. It is written by a 25 year old New Jersey nurse who is working on a “Mercy Ship” in Liberia. She makes me cry almost every day.

And I linked to her from this blog, by a newly-minted pediatric doctor who also makes me laugh and cry.

Bookmark them and read them whenever you’re feeling sorry for yourself and in need of a little inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Great Blogs

  1. Maricris

    Hey how are you? I hope you’re not crying right now! :) anyway, i tried to click on the links but it ain’t working. Is there other link here that I can go to to check her out? I also noticed that you like Neil Gaiman. My hubby is a big fan of him. We went to his book signing here in Charlotte and we all had a blast meeting him. He was very nice and chatted with us eventhough he was busy.

  2. jwordsmith

    Whoops! I’ve fixed the links now. That’s what I get for not checking.

    And yes, I’ve told everyone not to make plans for the night that Neil Gaiman comes to town in October…

  3. Fiona

    My son-and-heir might miss out on meeting NG on his very 16th birthday, as it turns out he has a test in school on the day, and two the next day, and the event is waaaay down in Edinburgh! Boo hoo!

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