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About six months ago I took a big step and invested in my business by sending some money every month to some people online in exchange for the promise of information.

I didn’t know these people. They didn’t promise to make me rich quickly. (In fact, they didn’t promise to make me rich at all, now that I think about it…)

But they did promise to share what they had learned about Internet Marketing Without Being Obnoxious.

If you’re like me, the thing that holds you back from telling people about the great ways you can help them, is a fear of coming off as too salesy. It’s just not in our character. (The thought of it makes you cringe, right?) But here were these people who seemed really up-front and generous and cool, but who, at the same time, were making me want to give them my money.

I had to know how they were doing it.

So I joined the Third Tribe.

What is The Third Tribe?

It was set up by the people behind and, and Chris Brogan. They felt the discussion of internet marketing was all one thing or the other: all obnoxious sales guys or people willing to give away the farm and hope the universe rewarded them somehow. Surely, they thought, there has to be another tribe — a ‘third tribe’ if you will — of people who want to get paid for what they do, but don’t want to be the stars of their own cheesy infomercial.

They were right. I was one of them. I suspect that you, if you’ve read this far, are too.

So I joined the Third Tribe membership site and started downloading seminars and worksheets, listening to live Q&A calls, and chatting with people in the forums.

It’s rare that I am pleased by the quality of anything that I’ve bought based on the marketing alone.
But I’ve been blown away by the quality of information, and the generosity of spirit I’ve found in the Third Tribe.

True to their word, the creators of the site (people who can charge A LOT of money for their time and knowledge) are there every day chatting and asking questions and answering questions, jumping in on discussions where newbies are floundering, and generally living up to their promise to be “nice guys just like you, only with more experience”.

What Goes On Inside The Third Tribe?

Brian, Sonia, Darren and Chris (see? We’re on first-name terms now!) have pulled in everyone who is anyone in the non-obnoxious Internet Marketing scene (Jeff Walker, Leo Babauta, Dave Navarro), and all of these people are incredibly generous with their tips and tricks.

I liken it to a master class with a virtuoso musician. You’re talking with people who are actually *doing*, not just teaching. They don’t just talk about ideas, they give you ‘roadmaps’ and ‘next action’ plans and all the details to give you confidence as you edge out onto the concert stage in front of ever larger audiences (that’s what you want, right?)

And it’s not all the same message from seven different people. Each of the experts and guests has their own way of doing business: from affiliate marketing, to product creation, to consulting.

What has Third Tribe Done For Me?

I have truly discovered my tribe online. The forums are great: everyone is serious (but not po-faced) and understands that helping each other is never a bad thing. I’ve already learned more than my head can hold some days, and I’ve started making money from Third Tribe lessons and from relationships with Third Tribers that I met in the forums.

After being an Amazon affiliate for…(how long have they been running that thing?) years, I finally discovered how to do affiliate marketing for real. Since joining Third Tribe I bought a great ebook by a fellow third-triber. I really liked it. I would have probably tweeted about it anyway. (Maybe. If I remembered, at the right time), but the author made sure I remembered. She used her new Third Tribe skills to set up an affiliate program and promised me 50% of the revenue from any links I sent. So, yeah, I remembered. And I made a little money with almost no effort, and no-one un-followed me, because they got a good product thanks to my recommendation. I think I love this stuff.

But absolutely best of all, being in the Third Tribe gave me the confidence to launch a new site that signed up 340+ members in the first three days,

over 42% of whom have come back between 9 and 100 times in the past month alone.

That’s a lot of quality traffic that I would never have had the guts to find without the Third Tribe. And I’m having a blast with that site and the new friends I’ve found there. I have added something to my members’ lives that they value highly and damn, if that doesn’t feel good then I don’t know what does.

Why You Should Join Today

So here’s where I start what I’ve learned to call the “Call To Action”.

If you are at all serious about marketing online (without selling your soul), you should probably join Third Tribe.

Here are three great reasons:

  1. When you join — the moment you join — you get access to six months’ of recordings, workbooks, action sheets and seminars that I’ve been paying for, monthly, as they rolled out since February. That’s a steal! In fact, I think I hate you a little.
  2. There is no obligation to keep subscribing. Even if you decide Third Tribe is not for you, you’ll still have that library of materials and I cannot tell you how crazy it is that you’re getting it for $47. It’s 20 hours of masterclass audio alone, not to mention the worksheets and Action Plan PDFs and a month of access to the forums.
  3. The price is going up on June 1. But you and I needn’t pay that new price. Last time they raised the price they almost doubled it, but I still pay the original price I signed up for. You can too if you sign up before June 1. (And if $47 a month sounds like a lot for you, think of it as an investment in your business and it sounds to sound pretty cheap compared to advertising and potential-client-breakfasts, doesn’t it? Next month, it won’t be just $47. So why not join right now, at today’s price?

I’m a frugal kind of gal, but I will tell you I never resent seeing my Third Tribe membership invoice. (The payment to the gym that I’m not using, on the other hand…)

And finally, all the links on this page up until now have been affiliate links. That means I get a kick-back if you sign up. But I really believe in the value of my Third Tribe membership and to prove it, here is the clean, kick-back-free URL that you can use if you prefer: No hard feelings.

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