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Words On The Page

StoryADay May is well underway. Hundreds of people are writing. Many of them are sharing their stories.

I’ve read tons of stories in the past three days, some stunningly good, some OK and one of two just … raw, shall we say?

But all of them we’re complete. And all of them were words on the page that their writers can look at and reflect on and learn from.

Over and over again, people have said some flavor of “I’m so glad I wrote today”, “it’s not perfect but I feel so good for having done it” or simple “ha-Haaaaaa!”

It reminds me of why I do this to myself. There is nothing like the feeling of writing. There is little that makes me as happy. There is nothing really that I’m anywhere nearly as fulfilled by doing.

So I’ll be writing a story again tomorrow. How about you?

The World Needs Your Story

Every now and then I search for signs of her writing on the Internet, but I don’t think she’s ever published anything. Breaks my heart because she was amazing….

Twenty years since the workshop and what I’m left with now is not bitterness or anger but an abiding sense of loss. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost people.

Junot Diaz, http://m.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2014/04/mfa-vs-poc.html

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Creating The World

Pennsylvania State CapitolWell, that doesn’t make it sound like I’m getting above my station, does it? Delusions of godhood? Surely not!

But there is a world I’ve been inventing. I’ve written parts of two novels set in this world. Every time I struggle to finish them, I run into the same problem: there are lots of gaps in what I know about the world. Not knowing, slows me down. I thought it would be easier to write in a fictitious world than to make up stories that seemed realistic to people living in the same world as the setting. I’m not sure ‘easier’ is the word I should have used. “Fun”? Yes. “Stimulating?” Yes. “Easy”? No.

So I’ve decided I’m going to devote a lot of my StoryADay May to writing stories set in the main city in my world.

This morning I’ve been slaving over a spider-like mind-map, full of different areas of life that might be fodder for stories: Family life, politics, beliefs, green issues, city life, socializing…Each little branch represents an area of city life that I might want to explore. Having decided upon that, I will (I hope) decide on what kind of conflict could arise, who might care about it, and what their story is.

I like well-defined assignments, and now I feel like I have one for the whole of next month.

Are you writing a StoryADay in May? Or even a story a week? Come and join us.

…get underneath the surface of things. Get down there where people are sweating and where things might be messy for you as a writer. Expose your deepest fears. Because it’s in that place that your readers will connect with you and come to care about your story.

Lisa Cron, Writer Unboxed, http://feedly.com/e/pXTjgZGc