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Short Story Reading List for August/Sept 2016

At the Writer’s Digest Conference this weekend I went to a talk by someone who was a ‘slush pile’ reader for various prestigious sites/awards.

I thought: that sounds like torture and probably a really good idea for someone who’s trying to inspire people to write short stories. Maybe I should do that.

So I started looking at various publications I might like to read for and realized, I don’t have a really good handle on any of their house styles. So maybe I should start reading them more seriously, before I do anything drastic. I should be reading more short stories anyway.

What I’ll Do

So I went investigating. And made, as I do, a list.

In an effort to do that, here are some stories I’m going to read in the next month or so.

How I’ll Do It

I’m going to achieve this by this method: any time I pick up my phone to go on Facebook for a random browse, I will instead, click on one of these links!

  1. The Fish Merchant, by Tobias Buckell, from Clarkesworld
  2. Word for Word, by Kate Heartfelt , from Waylines
  3. Nahiku West, by Linda Nagata, from Clarkesworld
  4. The Sentry Branch  Predictor Spec: A Fairy Tale, by John Chu, from Clarkesworld
  5. Chip’s Six Attempts at Popularity, by Jake Kerr, from Waylines
  6. The Changeling and the Sun, by   , from Ideomancer
  7. On Horizon’s Shore, by Aliette de Bodard, from OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show
  8. A Heretic by Degrees, by Marie Brennan, from OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show
  9. Vanishing, by Peter S. Beagle, from OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show
  10. The Thing on My Shelf, by David Gerrold, from Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine
  11. An Open Letter To The Person Who Took My Smoothie From The Break Room Fridge, by Oliver Buckram , from Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine
  12. Those Brighter Stars, by Mercurio D. Rivera, from Lightspeed Magazine
  13. War of Heroes, by Kameron Hurley, from Lightspeed Magazine
  14. Taste The Singularity At The Food Truck Circus, by Jeremiah Tolbert, from Lightspeed Magazine
  15. Asymmetrical Warfare, by S. R. Algernon, from Nature (2016 Hugo nominee)
  16. Cat Pictures, Please, by Naomi Kritzer, from Clarkesworld (2016 Hugo nominee)
  17. Left Behind, by Cat Rambo, from Clarkesworld
  18. The Bog Girl, by Karen Russell, from The New Yorker

Then What?

I’ll make notes in my reading log and share my thoughts in the Reading Room feature at StoryADay.org.