Because I am a dedicated disciple of the Yarn Harlot (and because the Heathen Housewife had already planted the seed) I have ordered the pattern for the Fiber Trends felted clogs.

Since I ordered it online, I was lured into Michael’s by Husband (who is, whoo-hoo, going through another crafty phase himself) where I found wool, yes real feltable wool. This was almost unprecedented in my experience, so i bought a bunch, not even knowing if it was the right weight. But I’ve never let that stop me…

(Is this why I have so many UFOs, I ask myself?)

The postal delay (what, no pattern download? What is this, the Dark Ages?) has forced me to sit around and fondle the wool, then wind it into balls, then cast on and knit a tension square. So I suppose that’s a good thing. I’m usually much too impatient.

(Again, we ponder the number of UFOs in the closet).

Anyhoo, after waiting until daylight to take a picture and (wonder of wonders) remembering to write down the guage, I have thrown my little square into the washer with gay abandon (and a bunch of towels).

Both me and my sister know about how wool can felt (still feeling guilty, F?) so I’m waiting to see what comes out.

And yes, I have an old top-loader (inherited from the people who lived in my house before me for 20 years) so I should be golden.