Death Becomes Her

I received a message from the assassin of my assassin (in Sock Wars, of course).

Jaycee is so very dead,” it read, “and we mourn her passing….but she died happily with alpaca/silk blend socks for her feet!

Ah, it comes to us all. It just hasn’t come to me yet.

I checked the package tracking facility at USPS and my victim’s socks were in her mailbox as of yesterday morning, so she should be dead by now and thinking about mailing her work-in-progress to me.

If it arrives before my West Country socks I’ll be able to add a few rows before sending it on to Texas. If not, I’ll be providing my victim with the address of the assassin of my assassin. Who then gets to knit for the victim of my victim.

Confused, yet?

In other news, I think I might be ready to get back to work on the Never-Ending Aran. Although there is the Cyberman Sweater to consider, and I have most of a pair of socks knitted from my Trekking XXL…but I might be socked out.

The weather is definitely cooler here, and I feel the need to knit with speed.