The Knitsmith

Hi, I’m jknitsmith (or, if you Ravel, jknistmith, since I was so excited to finally get my invite that I didn’t stop to check for typos.

This blog is not the only one I maintain, but is kept just for the knitting and crafty stuff so that people who know me in other spheres of my life can’t point out how many of my other problems would be solved if I just put down the needles and did X, Y or Z. Does it make me a knitaholic, the fact that I’m hiding the extent of my habit and that I often knit alone? That I have a secret stash? That I often need to knit first thing in the morning just to get the day going?

Well, that’s why this blog exists. Welcome to my dirty little secret.

(PS my other blogs, one for cutesy stories about my boys, that only their relatives want to read, and one for all my other stuff, are listed in the sidebar. Don’t feel obliged to go over there.)

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