Writing When Not Writing

Today I had a huge number of things on my To Do list. One of them was a hopeful “write fiction?”.

It did not get an asterisk.

And so it did not happen.

But I did think about the fiction I wasn’t writing, and the story ideas there might be there.

And I discovered another hidden feature of the Mac Operating system today 1 Apparently there’s a misleadingly-named Quicktime Player on there that also does screen recordings. With audio. I’ve been reading about Camtasia (in my PC days) and Screenflow, but completely failed to realize there was a built-in way to easily create on-screen tutorials for things like, say, how to use a custom online writer’s community.

So that’s what I did.

Five tutorials about using the StoryADay community, so that people don’t have to figure it out 2. Boom. Done.

Not exactly writing, but creating. And writing-related.

  1. I used Macs at university a thousand years ago, but from 1996-2010 I was Windows all the way. Moving back to Mac has been painful and four years later I’m still going “what? You mean I can do XYZ?! Why the #$% didn’t they think to mention that? What am I psychic? Is Steve Jobs just supposed to inhabit my brain?”
  2. Or not, and get frustrated and leave the site.

2 thoughts on “Writing When Not Writing

  1. Charlotte Rains Dixon

    I also moved to a Mac four years ago and I’m still wondering why. I thought for awhile I might switch back but my daughter did and wishes she hadn’t. Ah well. And I’m like you in that I differentiate between writing fiction and all the other writing I do. I know it all counts but for me what matters most is getting fiction words on the page.

  2. jwordsmith Post author

    It’s so much easier to do all the other writing and not-quite-writing and promise I’ll get to the fiction when the decks are cleared of all the other stuff. Ha!

    The best writing I’ve done recently was when I set myself a goal of writing 10,000 fiction words a month and kept a spreadsheet (complete with conditional formatting: green for the days when I hit my goal, red for the days when I didn’t). I need to get back to that, I think!

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