Writing Process

I’m trying to figure out my own writing process at the moment: trying to find a practice that I can use to get my writing going every day, not just when I feel inspired.

This novel I’m working on has been dragging on for too long and I’m determined to get a draft finished. To that end I’ve promised to hand a draft to my critique group in early March. So I have to write it, now. 1

So, given that I am, by nature, a sprinter, not a marathoner, I am struggling a bit.

Currently what seems to be working is to sit down and write a summary of the next scene: what is going to happen and why, what the reader should be feeling during the scene, and what it leads into. I jot it all down in the present tense and then I can start writing the scene. Having figured out where it’s going before I try to write any prose frees me up to get there by any route I fancy.

I’m also coming and working at the co-working space because it makes me feel more professional and less of a hobbyist.

Tools I am using:

  • The Snowflake Method
  • The Scene Checklist from Story Engineering
  • Scrivener for writing
  • Google Docs Spreadsheet for capturing a list of scenes
  • Google Docs Spreadsheet for capturing my word count every day (which isn’t really important but helps me to see my progress)
  • Google Docs Slacker Tracker Spreadsheet set up by Carol to help me manage different projects. Which reminds me, I have to work on another thing today too!
  1. to be clear, I have lots of words written. it’s just that they don’t entirely hang together as a coherent story with a middle and an end and any obvious reason for all the stuff that happens.