Time Enough At Last

I’ve been sending Gregor to Lunch Bunch a lot recently a, because he likes it and b, because the difference between picking him up at 11.15 (stop what I’m doing at 10.45, probably get dressed, and make sure I’m ready to leave just after 11) is hugely different from picking him up at 1.

Every time I pick him up he complains and wants to stay with the afternoon kids, because they seem to be doing something interesting. (Not that he’s not perfectly happy to be at home once we get here, mind you).

So today, I tucked a little note and an extra ‘ticket’ in his bag and he’s staying until 3.



heh heh


So I have all this time to myself.

In the past couple of days I’ve been working on some website projects and some other things that have had me ‘running’ all day.

Today, with the luxury of enough time to get my teeth into something? I made the mistake of checking twitter, and reading a long interview with someone, and that lead me to a couple of blogs. And now it’s 10 AM.

[smacks self on forehead]

Right, to work!