Things I Did Today

1. Woke up surprised that I wasn’t hungover given the amount of booze I consumed yesterday to celebrate becoming an American citizen. Realized it was 9:45 and both of us were still asleep while the boys played in the basement and helped themselves to salt&vinegar crisps for breakfast. Parents of the Year!
2. Walked to Dunkin Donuts to buy breakfast for everyone but me. I wasn’t hungover, I just wasn’t hungry.
3. Ate candy and popcorn and drank a bucket of diet coke while watching Cars II, because my stomach wasn’t at all sure where it was. Probably because of those tacos I ate yesterday. Yes.(Cars II, by the way, was awesome by the way. Perfect: great visuals, good story, all-around family entertainment. Rare and wonderful.)
4. Had a little wine at lunch because someone swore it would be a good idea.
5. Was left alone in Target, in charge of a Platinum card, and came out empty handed. Clearly something was wrong with me.
6. Came home and rested in my armchair while the boys built Lego sets.
7. Moved upstairs and investigated the merits of horizontal resting.
8. Came back downstairs and watched 15 hours of Phineas and Ferb with the boys while they ate pizza and played with cars.
9. Started work on a new cardigan.
Patons cardi

So glad I wasn’t hungover.

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