The Knitsanity Begins

Due to some confusion about when I was supposed to start (and the fact that NBC presented their coverage as if they Olympics were starting at 8pm EST, which was odd, really, since I KNOW that’s 2AM in Turin) I lost a whole five hours and the feeling of solidarity of starting with thousands of East Coast knitters.

Ah well, not to worry. The Husband Socks are on two circular needles. I’m afraid I’m knitting them in craft store acrylic because my nice superwash wool didn’t arrive, but honestly he’s so hard on socks that I’m sure they’ll be OK.

So far I’ve increased from the toes to probably the ball of the foot and begun a 2×2 ribbing. Photos will follow.

In the ‘elevate your craft’ bit, I think I’ve finally got the hang of knitting two socks at once without getting into a hopeless tangle. Yay!