I’m Losing It!

My friend Susan and I are running our own private diet club, which involves picking the weight-loss method that works best for each of us and checking in every week with a weigh-in, analysis of the past week and plans for the next week.

We’ve just completed week 3 and it’s proving very helpful. Her progress has been faster than mine, but since she’s my friend and not a total stranger at a meeting I am happy for her, not jealous.

And, because I like this kind of thing, I’ve installed a little progress meter.

Weight lost

: 3 / 22 (12%) 1

My progress has been, well, progressing. I feel good, I KNOW  I’m healthier, and I’m pleased that I’m making my life better for myself

I’ve set myself an initial goal of losing 22 lbs, which will get me out of the “fat girl” BMI category.

  1. This footnote is a reminder for myself. Please ignore if you’re not me,  or if you’re me, but not looking for information on the progress meter: This progress meter is called ProgressFly and is operated using shortcodes. it’s not available as a widget but I could embed it in the template if I could be bothered. I’ve stored a doc about how to use it at Google Docs

2 thoughts on “I’m Losing It!

  1. Miranda Becher

    Go girls! I’m TRYING to make an effort to shift some weight but have decided to concentrate on the “doing much more exercise” option and the “not drinking midweek” option instead of looking too seriously at my food intake (although the fish&chips have gone! Sob!)

  2. jwordsmith Post author

    Yeah, I’m definitely taking the “more exercise and watch your portion” tack myself. Got burned out on formal ‘diets’. I’ll probably have to concentrate a bit more on tracking what I eat soon though.

    And surely you can have fish & chips once in a while?

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