Writing Advice From A Ten Year Old

Talking with my newly-minted ten year old today, he was relating a scenario that had happened at school.

As he described the characters in the scene, he assigned each of them a role: one buddy was “the crazy one”, one was “the clever one” and one was “the guy who’s not as crazy but can do anything”.

It sounded like he was describing characters from a novel. It struck me that he’s making sense of his world through the lens of stories he has read or seen or listened to.

I’m struggling a bit with defining a character in my work in progress. Maybe I can take lessons from the ten year old: is she the smart one, the funny one, the sexy one, the goofy one?1.

  1. of course she’s more than any one of these things, but if I was describing her in an elevator pitch, who would she be?