Ooo, I have a pullover and a sock on the go, neither of them small projects, really, but neither of them in the first flush, either. Both are about 3/4s finished, so naturally I’m looking around for a sexy new love.

And I think I’ve found it.

I’m sitting here trying to resist winding into balls the two skeins of Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud I have burning a hole in my psyche, and casting on. It’s not like I have any uninterrupted-knitting-time for doing knitting-that-requires-paying-attention-to-the-knitting-and-the-chart.

I just want to have that kind of time and somehow casting on something complicated seems like an optimistic statement about life. Or “unrealistic wishful thinking”, as some might call it.

But I firmly believe that it’s optimism (however misplaced) that keeps us sane!