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Write illogically, without concern for punctuation or word choice. Above all don’t look back…What is there to see back there, exactly, anyway? What you screwed up? It will still be there, believe me.

Stuart Horowitz

You cannot simultaneously generate new material and know its true value. To do so would be to rime-travel into the future, to be able to look back with the measuring mind at the same time you are using the creativ mind. It’s not possible. So we must accept that we don’t know where these words are going…and that to evaluate them will cause their flow to stop.

Stuart Horowitz, Blueprint Your Bestseller

There are rare but beautiful periods when I feel I’m really hearing a voice clearly, or I feel that I’ve finally got the parameters of a story set up correctly, and then it’s just joy. More frequently I have to force myself to inch forward on a project for several hours.

Karen Russell, Pulitzer Prize winner and McArthur Fellow

Lately I’ve been experimenting with something I heard Jennifer Egan say. She writes longhand, and I’ve experimented with it, transcribing to the computer later. That’s been great.

Karen Russell

To achieve perfection in writing while retaining naturalness it was important to write a great deal, to write fluently, as the pianist practices the piano, rather than to correct constantly one page until it withers.

Anaïs Nin

If I could talk about it, I would not have to do it.

Neil Gaiman (in “The Ocean At The End of the Lane”