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Feed Four in the Family — Overlapping Meals

With me trying to eat healthily and watch my portions, Kev eating low-carb and the boys being 6 and 4, feeding the whole family can get a bit complex. Especially when everyone wants to eat exactly when they’re hungry, not a moment before or after.

I know I shouldn’t do it, but last night I made a multi-part meal — the kind my sister will be very familiar with (she has a carnivorous husband, a vegetarian teenage daughter, a son who doesn’t eat anything that isn’t bland, a chocoholic and a fourth child who is, I think a bit more catholic in her tastes than anyone else). I know I shouldn’t start dividing up our meals, but this one didn’t seem like too much hassle.

I started a batch of potatoes boiling, threw some meatballs in the microwave for the boys, and thawed the frozen sea scallops.

Meanwhile I grated some Parmesan and made a batch of Guy Kawasaki’s Teriyaki Sauce (see? This is why it’s useful to buy real food. If you don’t have a particular bottled sauce, you can just whip it up from five ingredients that you do have).

I threw some frozen peas and corn into a pot for me (the sole vegetable eater), then set to work searing the scallops.

2nd: Course Raisin-Caper Scallops

This isn't my picture. We ate ours too fast. And they weren't this pretty.

picture credit

Don’t tell Kev, but there was some sugar in that Teriyaki recipe. A small price to pay, I feel for the lovely, crunchy seared coating on the scallops.

So, to recap, dinner was:

  • The boys: garlic mashed potatoes, meatballs, Parmesan
  • Kev: Scallops (a lot).
  • Me: Scallops (a couple), garlic mashed potatoes (a little too much if I’m honest), peas and sweetcorn.

Overlapping ingredients. This is probably the key to my future family cooking schedule.

Oh yeah, and I’m glad Angus liked the potatoes and meatballs because I think he’ll be taking them to school for lunch tomorrow, in a food flask!