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I’ve been writing a very long time. Probably I started before most of you were born. And I believe this: Everything is about story. If any of you want to be writers, please try and believe me about story. If you have the story right for you, you have a chance. If you mess up the story, no matter how dazzling your style, you’ll be in trouble.

William Goldman

His prose, like the snow of good King Wenceslas, is deep and crisp and even, neither over-florid nor pedestrian…

James Harpur, judge of the 2012 Frank O’Connor short story award, commenting on Nathan Englander’s stories.

A Week of Stories From One (Stolen) Idea

Is your story refusing to sing? Are you sick of the sound of your own prose?

There are times when every (good) writer feels this way. It could be a moment of great despair, but it could also be an opportunity to try something new.

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