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Kindle Short Fiction Experiment Begins

Inspired by Angela Booth and Sean Platt (among others), and by the fact that I can’t only submit my work to journals and have it rejected (that way quitting lies) I’ve started to experiment with writing and releasing short fiction on the Kindle platform.

I put out my first story last week because it was a historical anniversary. My plan is to have five stories ready (or nearly ready) to go in a given genre before launching the ‘series’. Then I’ll compile them into an ebook collection and offer them that way too. Then I’ll move on to another series (perhaps in a different genre/voice).

I have a mailing list set up and a plan of action and a bunch of writing done. I have a bunch more writing to do, and a whole lot of editing, but I’m enjoying having a concrete goal and multiple steps and an interesting hypothesis to test.

I love the elasticity of the publishing process these days. If I decide I don’t like some of these early efforts, I can just withdraw them. If some become popular, they can stay up there forever.

Only problem with this project: not enough hours in the day :)