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The World Needs Your Story

Every now and then I search for signs of her writing on the Internet, but I don’t think she’s ever published anything. Breaks my heart because she was amazing….

Twenty years since the workshop and what I’m left with now is not bitterness or anger but an abiding sense of loss. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost people.

Junot Diaz, http://m.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2014/04/mfa-vs-poc.html

It’s always an illusion that there’s going to be the big breakthrough. By the time you achieve what you’d have once thought was a breakthrough, you’ve raised the bar so much higher that it gets to be anti-climactic. It makes you realize how much you have to love sitting in front of a computer and writing, because anything else that happens is mildly disappointing; the actual process of writing is the thing that has to pay off.

Antonya Nelson, http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/unbound/interviews/int2002-04-11.htm

Building new stuff every day is hard. Coming up with new concepts can be exhausting and switching from brainstorming mode to execution mode isn’t seamless. But the hardest thing about this project is that, in a sense, every day I fail. […] The thing is, the way forward is not to keep tinkering and tweaking to make something perfect. The way forward is to move on to the next concept and build it.

Jennifer Daywalt, I’m Learning To Code By Building 180 Websites In 180 Days