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Toe-Up Opals — Finished!

Toe-Up Opals

I started these socks (details at Ravelry) in December, as soon as I ripped open the package from my Secret Pal 11 pal.

I paused a little after finishing the first sock, because I needed to make something decadent and delicate and self-pampering (not that these socks aren’t pampery).

But recently it’s been cold here and I’ve been rueing all the super-short socks that I made in the spring. So I got back to my longish Opals.

Yesterday we went out for a drive and I got most of the leg done, which surprised me no end as it wasn’t that long a drive. This yarn knits up really quickly, though. It’s very satisfying.

This morning we planned to go out for a walk in the park, so I quickly did my sewn bind-off (finishing it, again, in the car) and popped on my new socks right there and then. It felt great.

On the way home I cast on for a pair of kid socks made from the left-overs. Otherwise, I’d only have had one project on the go!

(OK, apart from the sideways scarf, and the buttons I need to sew onto that little sweater, and thing things stuffed in the back of the cupboard of which we do not speak…)