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Back On Track – Almost

Well, that was rough.

I got off to such a good start with this novel, routinely beating my 2,000 word a day limit. And then I ran out of road. I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t seem to get myself there.

I didnt’ write much for the past few days (nothing at all a couple of times) at all yesterday and I completely blew my word-count lead. I had to write something like 4000 words today to get back on track. So I sat down yesterday and instead of writing random words to boost the word count, I put together a scene checklist. I started with all the characters who were going to be in the scene (and it was a lot, because this is my 1/4 way through point, where I’m bringing them all together and making something happen that will change the story. It’s the point in Twister when they’re all on the road and the Dread Pirate Wesley is racing them and Bill’s on board and the storms start to hit.) Then I wrote down what every character wants (at this stage) and why they can’t have it. Once I had that down on paper, that seemed like quite a lot of material to be going on with. But I still left it and slept on it.

Today i started writing this monster scene that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more fun (for me). I stopped part way in to hash out some details of one of the characters’ agendas, and I paused again to write down a quite visual note of what the location looks like at the end of the scene (chaos! people stampeding out the door, one person crying, another sitting alone, flaming desserts flying through the air!) and then got back to writing the bits that lead up to it.

I think this is how I work. In chunks, and half-seat-of-the-pants, half mapped out. Full of hope and trust and bloodymindedness.

3000 words later, I’m that much closer to being back on course. Wish me luck.