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Lemon Water In the Morning

I keep running across articles about the health benefits of drinking lemon water on ye Internets, so you know, it must be true:

lemon water pitcher

While I’m extremely skeptical of their ‘scientific’ content, there are a few points I can’t argue with:

  • It’s pretty
  • It encourages me to drink more water, when I have a pitcher of the stuff on my desk.
  • It keeps my coffee intake lower.
  • Drinking more water discourages me from mindless snacking AND makes my skin look fab-u-lous – something I need to think about with That Big Birthday staring down at me from the calendar.
  • It’s really tasty.
  • It does seem to be helping me lose weight (possibly because of the points above, more than any other reason).


I don’t have a lemon press and wouldn’t want to have to clean a juicer every day, so here’s how I prepare my lemon water, in case you want to follow my healthy example:

  1. Wash a whole lemon and slice it as thinly as you can 1
  2. Drop the slices into a half-gallon pitcher – the prettier the better: you’ll be more likely to keep it around.
  3. Chuck ice cubes on top of the lemons until the pitcher is about half full.
  4. Slowly fill the pitcher with water.
  5. While you’re waiting for the pitcher to fill, wash your chopping board and knife and then give your knife a quick sharpen so that tomorrow’s lemon slices will be paper thin tomorrow. 2
  6. Grab a glass and your pitcher, head to your desk et voila, healthy sugar-free water that will taste better and better with every glass.

I do refill my pitcher if I get through it, and the second batch is lemony from the get-go.

So that’s my advice: slice, drink and be merry!

  1. Thin slices mean more of the lemon’s flesh is exposed. More surface area means more of the lemony goodness. Discard seeds that fall out as you’re slicing. Do this in a beam of sunlight for added happiness.
  2. There is nothing quite as therapeutic as starting your day by slowly torturing a fruit with a razor-sharp knife. It really gets the frustrations out.