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Looking for Wool To Finish a Knitting Project?

Swatching on 4mms

Knitters, crocheters, yarn-fans everywhere, this one is for you:

You’re working on a project. You’re proud that you’ve almost finished but then, the unthinkable happens. You run out of wool!

What to do? You know you’ll never find the right colour or dyelot at your local yarn store, because this project has been on the needles for years.

Ravel It

Try looking for the wool in someone else’s stash, listed on Ravelry (you are a member, aren’t you? Aren’t you?!).

Lots of people have the odd ball of yarn in their stash that they put up for sale or exchange. It’s all in the database, waiting for you to find it.

Go here and enter your yarn name.

Check the  “will trade or sell” box (this means someone has marked the yarn, in their stash, as something they’re willing to part with)

Scroll further down to make other refinements to your search. (You can even  filter it by country too, to avoid int’l shipping rates)

If you can’t find it on Ravelry, you can also look on ebay, which often has a good yarn stash, but less likelihood that someone will simply swap with you.

I Saw Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman in Philly

Look, there he is in Philly, looking….just like he looks in a photograph. Which this is. Oh. But really, he does look like he’s supposed to and he sounds like he’s supposed to and he reads from his book REALLY well.

I got to go in to the city all by myself last night, like a big girl, on the train and everything. I was ridiculously anxious for a laid-back person, and it took about five stations and eleven rows on my new sock before my separation anxiety abated (clearly I don’t get out enough).

Nobody's Monkeys
(Hello, sock!)

So the author, instead of reading a short bit and answering a couple of questions and then sitting at a desk while people file by for hours on end, has decided to read a chapter at each stop, answer some questions and let the bookstore sell pre-signed books. I applaud the decision. We were entertained for a good couple of hours and didn’t have to stand in any lines at all, which I probably wouldn’t have done anyway.

The Graveyard Book starts off describing a family’s murder, in a very disturbing fashion, including the murderer creeping up on an 18 month old. Particularly disturbing if you happen to be a parent, (I can’t imagine that my 15 year old nephew will be quite so freaked) but it quickly moves on to the warm and fuzzy part. Of course, in a Neil Gaiman book, the warm and fuzzy part includes dead people and possibly vampires and something unspeakable living under a hill, but still manages to be warm and fuzzy and funny.

If you get a chance to go and see him, I’d recomend it. For someone who writes so creepily, he comes across as a surprisingly nice guy, and witty in that very dry, British kind of way, which cracks Americans up. (If British people over here always look a little startled, it’s because we can’t quite get used to our weak attempts at humour being greeted with such generous laughter instead of sarcasm).

In case you don’t get a chance, they’re broadcasting the whole thing, as recorded at each stop here. (I was sitting right next to the camera at this stop so while you won’t see me, there’s a chance you may hear me chuckle, depending on how they did the sound. Either way, you’ll have almost exactly the same view I had, from the third row.

Apparently it’s modelled on The Jungle Book. Must go back and read that.

I had a fun time. It was nice to crawl out of my rut and squint around at what’s going on outside.

In The Artist’s Way Julia Cameron advocates taking at “Artist’s Date” each week. It can be something as simple as buying yourself new crayons and colouring in, or it can be going to look at something beautiful, or it can be something like i did last night. Now I see the value. I was inspired. Not to write a book about dead people and graveyards, mind you, but just to do the thing I love to do.

I think I have to. Otherwise, what’s the point of all this thinking I do?

Miriam's Heart

My sister sent me a link to a pattern she is using to make a knitted heart and hoping to teach her four year old daughter. She was struggling with some of the instructions so I, being me, thought “I could do better than that” so here’s my effort, which I think will be less lumpy and bumpy than the original.


Finished Heart

Cast on 3 stitches using any method you like.
R1: Knit the 3 stitches
R2: (Wrong Side): K1 M1 (make one, as below), K1, M1, K1 (you have 5 stitches)

[here’s how I do the Make One increase, and it works for me:]

1. Make 1 Step 1

2. Make 1 Step 2

3. Make 1 Step 3

4. Make 1 Step 4

R3: (Right Side) Knit 5
(Continue, as follows, until you have 17 stitches)
R4: (WS) K1, M1, K5, M1, K1 (7 stitches)
R5: (RS) K7
R6: (WS) K1, M1, K7, M1, K1 (9 st)
R7: (RS) K9
R8: (WS) K1, M1, K9, M1, K1 (11 st)
R9: K11
R10: K1, M1, K11, M1, K1 (13 st)
R11: K13
R12: K1, M1, K13, M1, K1 (15st)
R13: K15
R14: K1, M1, K15, M1, K1 (17ST)
(Now we’ll knit 10 rows straight,)
R15-24: Knit.

Decrease for the ‘buttocks’ of the heart (as I like to think of them):


R25: K7, K2tog, TURN (yes, you’re leaving the other 8 stitches huddled and ignored on the left-hand needle) You now have 16 stitches.

R26: K8 (back to the edge)
R27: K1, then [either SSK (slip two stiches, knitwise to the right needle, put left needle through them, from left to right, knit) or Slip 1 Knit 1 Pass the Slipped Stitch Over (PSSO), whichever you’re more comfortable with], K2, K2tog, K1. TURN
R28: K6 (back to the edge)
R29: K1, SSK or PSSO, K2TOG, K1 TURN
R30: K4
R31: K1, K2tog, K1
R32: cast off loosely.
Here’s how it looks:SSK Decrease


Go back to the stitches you left huddled, unloved, on the needle and show them some love.
Join yarn and begin the second half of what was originally R25 (let’s call this one R25a)
Starting The Second
R25a: K to edge (8 st)
R26a: K to middle (8 st)
R27a: K1, SSK or PSSO, K2, K2tog, K1 (6st)
R28a: K6
R29a: K1, SSK or PSSO, K2tog, K1 (4st)
R30a: K4
R31a: K1, SSK or PSSO, k1 (3st)
R32: cast off loosely.
Here’s how it looks: PSSO decrease


Feel free to try it out and pass it on. I plan to felt mine…

(c) 2008 JD