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New Site

So, this is my first official post on the WordPress blog (as opposed to something I posted in tandem with, or imported from, the livejournal one)

The Livejournal one is still there. I just got wanderlust. So here I am.

Come on in, look around, make yourself at home.

The plan is to incorporate all the articles from my old webpage, as pages here, then cancel that hosting deal and use the domain here. Maybe. If I have the time. Otherwise, I’ll just be posting and playing here.

If you were reading this on livejournal you can befriend the jwords username and these posts will turn up in your friends page** (it’s an RSS feed in case you’re interested, but if that means nothing to you don’t worry. It just means it will work the way I described.) But please try to click on the little blue ‘comments’ thing within each post so that comments live here, instead of on the livejournal version.

(**To do this, go to ‘manage friends’ and then add ‘jwords’ as a new friend in the appropriate section. Customize to taste.)

New and Fun Stuff:


Look up. This site has pages. One of them is busy collecting posts related to publishing and is built on articles from my self-help/self-publishing website of seven or eight years ago. Another is supposedly “about me” and a version of this post might find its way there.

Twitter Feed

Look over there –> There are short little tweets from me whenever I have a random thought. These can be and sometimes are posted from my cell phone. The premise of Twitter is that you send a short message answering the question ‘what are you doing?’, whenever you feel so inclined, so that all your fans can know. Egotistical? A little, but hey, I have four blogs…

Boy Feed

Also over there –> (currently). No, not food for boys, but headlines from the boys’ journal, in case you’ve missed it and in case I ever update it. (It still lives at livejournal. For now…)