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On The Road Again

Thanks to all for the good wishes (hi to the Saucy Sistas who stopped by. Welcome!).

Well, we managed to get into town again and meet our friends on Saturday evening. We’re back at home for dentist’s appointments and a laundry run and will be doing more touristy stuff with friends again soon.

We’re set up with a Dodge Durango now, until our car comes home.

As I drove it off the rental lot this morning I pulled up behind our not-so-little sedan and felt…large.

“Mwah-hah-hah!” I bellowed to no-one in particular as I followed my husband and children home. “I am mighty. You are teeny and puny! Let me roll right over the top of you, tiny foreign car!”

Hmm, wonder what percentage of accidents are caused by over-confident SUV drivers?