I couldn’t help myself: I bought one of those Webs Grab Bags.

It arrived today.

I have to admit that, for the money, it looks like a paltry collection. It is mostly DK, fingering or light worsted, and in smallish skiens (mostly under 100 yds) so it doesn’t take up much space.

But it’s mine. I have my own little yarn store now. 10 balls of each won’t make five sweaters for me, but it should make a few summer tops, and since this is mostly cotton, I’m quite fine with that.

I’m not crazy about two of the colours, but wait a minute on second thoughts I do like the blue. It’s very spring-like. And the taupe/brown is not a colour I would have chosen, but I don’t hate it. It would combine nicely with other colours too….but that means more purchasing. Oh dear. What have I started?