So That’s What Was Hiding Under The Snow Drifts

Every year this strikes me as something of a miracle.


A scientifically explained miracle, true, but that robs it of none of the thrill.


This year has been such a hard winter, and my borders have been crushed under so much snow, that I wasn’t sure I was going to see Green for quite some time.


But here we are, March 20, and the plants know what they have to do.


If it had been up to me,
I’d have given up hope and thought “maybe I’ll have color next year…”


I’m so glad I’m not in charge.


One thought on “So That’s What Was Hiding Under The Snow Drifts

  1. Evil Big Sister

    We have no snow, but the weather pooh-poohed all these chants about “the beginning of spring” and caught me on the hop without gloves on today. Daffodils are blooming in the garden, though. Soooo pretty!

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