Recharging The Batteries

I love sitting alone in a room, with just my ideas and the silence and the limitless possibilities of my imagination.

But there are days when I really envy people with bosses, and other people looking over your shoulder, and all the trappings of a job, to keep you honest.

On days when I am tired, or under the weather, or when I make the mistake of looking at the news before I start work, it can be hard to force myself to switch into creative mode. Which project to work on? Let me think: which one feels the least like heavy lifting? None of them? Well, there’s no one watching, maybe I’ll just watch a clip of Colbert…and this video of some actor being interviewed, and this news show about something depressing…and how can three hours have passed?!

Recharging The Batteries

The best thing I can say about today – work wise- is that I did some recharging of the creative batteries.

[update: 7:09 pm: Success! I went out to a coffee shop and fired up the laptop. Something about only having 40 minutes stripped away all the insecurities and I added a few hundred words to my novel. More fun than that: I had my character flipping through some photographs of suspects only to discover a face she never expected to see! I hadn’t expected to see it either, and it certainly puts the cat amongst the pigeons…but not in a way that overly-complicates things. Just makes it more fun. Wheee!]

I read this interview with Ridley Scott about replacing a Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in a film that is coming out next month. The man turns 80 next month and his work ethic and excitement for what he does, leaps out of the words.

And I watched this interview with a great Gerwig, who was super-excited about doing more of her work.

The absolute best thing about the day, though, was getting to walk into town through perfect autumn weather, for a sneaky wee lunch date with my man. (Aw!)

The Antidote To The News

Whenever I let the misery of current events get to me, there is no better cure than to tune my brain to someone who is doing what they do, and doing it with love and zest and near-maniacal passion. I don’t even care what “it” is. There is something energizing and kind of sexy about anybody doing something they love.

So: What do you do to recharge your batteries?