Strasburg Train by jwordsmith

No Money for Public Transportation in Energy Bill

Strasburg Train by jwordsmithSo, remember when Barack Obama stood up and said we were going to have to increase public transportation to help with the energy issue?

I cheered, but thought ‘no way you’re getting the people I know in the US to take public transport’.

Then I heard this report about how teenagers are less likely to get their drivers’ license straight away these days (in the 70s, 75% of 16 year olds had their learner’s permit. Now it’s more like 50%). The article went on to talk about how it’s harder for them to find time to learn later, after college, when they’re working and liable for the full cost without their parents’ help.

Yah, though I. We’re going to HAVE to increase public transportation, for that next generation!

But apparently not. According to Green Planet, there is no money in the new Energy Bill for public transportation.

And if there is no money for public transportation, going IN to the committees I can’t see anyone adding it.


I took a look at the Politifact site, who are keeping track of the campaign promises. And it seems the record on Transportation is not all doom and gloom. Sure, a couple of things are stalled, but there are some good things happening.

There was money for high-speed railways (something this country could use. Trains are slower than buses here.) and general public transportation improvements in the stimulus bill. There’s a new way for employers to give tax breaks to employees if they use public transportation instead of only being able to give benefits for car-based schemes like carpooling. And there are a bunch of other promises on transportation that are ‘in the works’.

So look at that. A little research and my big outrage-bubble has just lost all of its air. My rant has turned into a reasoned look at the world.

Oh, now I can see why the news outlets and ‘agenda’ websites don’t bother doing research and reporting both sides of stories. It makes for a much less fiesty report and fewer outraged commenters.

Or am I just being cynical?