Monday Morning Roundup

Well I spent the month of November writing and logging my wordcount and wrote 25,000 on a new project. Resolved not to race to the NaNoWriMo 50,000 wordcount goal but to instead focus on my bigger challenge of finishing the work (when you’ve had it from the mouth of a horse like Elizabeth Peters that it’s the most important advice she can give to other writers, then finishing suddenly seems like a ridiculously important part of the process. Self-evident? Perhaps. But easy to ignore. I’m already feeling the siren song of a new project now that I’m in the middle of this one).

The plan: have the first draft of this one finished by Jan 31. 2,000 words today.

I’ve also spent the past week tracking my eating and exercise. As always Mon-Wed went spectacularly well, Thu-Sun less so. I’m not going to fret about it. Simply learn my lesson. And I have kept up the exercise part, even if the caloric intake went up a bit. Sad to say I’m confirming the already-learned lesson that carbs and I are not friends. We can stay in touch by Twitter, but long afternoons by the fire together are right out.

The plan here:get to the grocery store today and stock up on lots of protein and veggies and interesting herbs and spices.

Other thing 1: I am slowing chipping away at the surface good manners of America and finding an increasing number of snarky people whose idea of a good time is to lob insults at each other across the room. Not the mean-spirited one-upmanship I sometimes got too much of in my native land, but the kind that says “I like you enough to be merciless”. My heart swells when I think of them.

The plan: waste less time worrying about fitting in with people who seem incapable of insulting me to my face (with a few exceptions for the shy and genuinely sweet). Addendum: each comment about shopping and/or coupons in any social situation is a serious indicator of our incompatibility. Heed it.

Other thing 2: fire is cool. Specifically bonfires in the shape of Phoenixes, torched to the rhythm of a rag-tag drum chorus and watched as part of a big heaving crowd.

The plan: next year, take drums.

Thing 3: I can’t do that ‘cozy cottage’ thing, so stop envying people with lovely homes full of tasteful decor and nicknacks. It’s their hobby. I have enough hobbies.

The plan: cut the clutter, stick to my own style, and enjoy other people’s houses when I get the chance.

Thing 4: apparently I have lots of crazy dreams when I haven’t written anything for a few days.

The plan: post this and get back to the novel.

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