Manly Durrow Update

So, I’ve been knitting this manly Durrow and I have to say I’m enjoying it a lot. Especially considering all I’ve really done so far is a lot of 4×2 ribbing. But it’s a worsted weight cushie yarn and it knits up quickly and feels nice and requires just enough attention to stop it being mind-numbingly boring.

I’ve got to the armhole decreases now and had to pause to (virtually) thank the designer for clarifying one of those instructions I hate: where the pattern says do this, then repeat 17 times. Now I know that, grammatically, that means do it once then repeat it 17 times for a total of 18, but my faith in other peoples’ grasp of grammar has been battered by a lifetime of looking at grocers’ windows declaring that their “apple’s” cost a certain amount.

THIS designer obviously shares my doubt, or shares my other weakness (a lack of faith in my own ability to think in numbers) and spelled it out (Do this 19 times more, for a total of 20 times) . AND she specifies how many stitches should be left after you finish the decreases. God bless you, Jodi Green.2


Excuse the interruption from qBoy number 2 q THERE.

Anyhoo, it’s rattling along and I feel confident I will finish this one day.

Oh, Oh, the other thing I meant to say was that when I cast on, it looked V A S T. It looked wide enough to go around a person twice, but of course, the ribbing has cinched it in and I think it’s going to be OK. Now that I’ve got half way up the armhole decrease, I’m worried that it looks far too long; but I know that a, my swatch shrunk up the way a little; b, I always fail to think three dimensionally when looking at knitting and c, Jodi hasn’t let me down yet.