Looking for Wool To Finish a Knitting Project?

Swatching on 4mms

Knitters, crocheters, yarn-fans everywhere, this one is for you:

You’re working on a project. You’re proud that you’ve almost finished but then, the unthinkable happens. You run out of wool!

What to do? You know you’ll never find the right colour or dyelot at your local yarn store, because this project has been on the needles for years.

Ravel It

Try looking for the wool in someone else’s stash, listed on Ravelry (you are a member, aren’t you? Aren’t you?!).

Lots of people have the odd ball of yarn in their stash that they put up for sale or exchange. It’s all in the database, waiting for you to find it.

Go here and enter your yarn name.

Check the  “will trade or sell” box (this means someone has marked the yarn, in their stash, as something they’re willing to part with)

Scroll further down to make other refinements to your search. (You can even  filter it by country too, to avoid int’l shipping rates)

If you can’t find it on Ravelry, you can also look on ebay, which often has a good yarn stash, but less likelihood that someone will simply swap with you.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Wool To Finish a Knitting Project?

  1. Fiona

    Thank you – I know you wrote that just for me, especially as you used the word “wool” in the title not “yarn”! If only I could remember which (recent) issue of which knitting magazine it came in. One bright pink, one light pink ball, each 30g (how small is that!)


  2. Fiona

    A follow-up – you know, two people ended up sending the wool I needed to finish that hat, one sourced via Ravelry, one not, oddly enough! How kind the knitters of this world are!

    Pity the enormous hat I made only fits the one person in the house who’s too cool to wear one when it’s cold! Well, a pink one, anyway!

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