Knitting for the Blind

No, I mean: Knitting, For the Blind.

I just came across this, instructions on how to get knitting instructions on cassette, from the Royal National Institute for the Blind amongst others.

What a great idea, I thought. How equal-opportunities.

Then I thought, wa-a-a-it a minute….knitting when blind? Now that would present a challenge. It’s not impossible, and surely a blind person would be able to appreciate the tactile nature of knitting and yarn but my goodness the learning curve would be something.

Then I began to wonder, how much of my knitting is reliant on feel and rhythm, and how much on looking at what I’m doing? And it’s not the finished products that give me the greatest pleasure; no, it’s the actual knitting process.

So if I lost my eyesight yes, I would be thrilled to discover that there were patterns on tape.

And I suppose it’s not only the blind who could benefit from this. It is hard to keep a book open while holding two pointy sticks in your hands, after all.