Jaywalker Bag

I failed to get a birthday present to my sister this summer. When I called (on her birthday) to ask what she wanted, she had just seen pics of my knitted Twiggy Tweedish bag and said she wated one of them, please.

I asked what colours, and she said she liked my Jaywalker socks on Ravelry. (She’s stalking me).

They, of course, are made from a pre-dyed, self-striping yarn. But I had an inspiration.

I could buy all the colours in the yarn, look at the pattern, and recreate it in worsted.

So I did.


I’m really with pleased how it’s coming along.

2 thoughts on “Jaywalker Bag

  1. Fiona

    May I just say how gorgeous it is, and I can barely conceive of knitting something so lovely, and trusting it to the felting process…that must ave been hard! And yet, felted, it’s even lovelier (and more practical, which I suppose is why you did it!)

    Thank you very much!

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